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On Wednesday 12th September, Year Six visited King Charles 1 School to enjoy their first transition visit of the year.  Des and Judith from the Historical Services to Schools led this fantastic day. 

‘Colonel’ Desmond Granville Thomas retired after 27 years as a Prison Officer and he and his wife, Judith Thomas, have been portraying specialised school talks on the English Civil War since 1984. The day was split into several parts.

The English Civil War:
The Colonel explained how the division of this country affected a lot of people and still has an effect on today's politics. He showed the contemporary reason why the country was split into three sections, supporters of the King, supporters of the Rights of Parliament and those that tried to keep out of the conflict.

Firing Demonstration: 
The highlight of the day was the Cannon & Musket firing demonstration. The children saw, heard and felt the effect when these two weapons were fired-outside the school buildings of course.

Three Short Stories:  
Various stories were told during the day, with the children playing the many parts and seeing, through drama, what happened in the Stuart Period.  The Good Samaritan, The Plague, The Great Fire of London

It was a huge shock to find out that more people died due to effects of the fire, rather than being actual casualties in the fire.

Family, Servants & Food Tasting:  
During the day, the children explored who lived in His Lordship’s House, what their jobs were, what they earnt, how they fitted into the household and who looked after them.  Children were then given a chance to taste the food and drink that His Lordship would have been given to eat and what his servants could have afforded to eat. The children heard what would be in season and how the various foods and drink were grown or made.  Charlie H surprised himself and enjoyed tasting the capon, walnuts, Cheshire cheese and soldier’s bread.

Dressing Up:  
Children were given the chance to try on the various 17th Century clothing and the various weapons, and artefacts.  Michal was surprised at how heavy the sheepskin waistcoat was when he put it on!

Art Militaire:  
Another exciting opportunity was handling the weapons and how they were used.  From the Crossed Swords to Artillery, children learned how muskets were loaded, the effect of a small lead pellet on a body and how armour was useless and went out of use. Raymond and Tom assisted in the firing of the Zeegul cannon. Everyone was surprised that the cannon wasn’t as loud as the musket! Theo was thrilled to be handling the musket that was taller than her, while Chloe was less than impressed with the taste of the gunpowder.

Thank you to Des, Judith and Mr Brownlow (Head of King Charles) for a great day and a very valuable learning opportunity.

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