Admissions 20202
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On the 19th of May our school office had a very special delivery. Two parcels were delivered to the Reception classrooms with a tag saying ‘Handle with Care’.

The children guessed what could be inside and came up with ideas such as sweets, a hat or even a cake. When the package was opened the children could not believe their eyes. They had been sent caterpillars so that they could watch them turn into butterflies just like the very Hungry Caterpillar story that they had been reading. The children watched the five caterpillars grow bigger and bigger day by day until eventually the caterpillars began spinning their cocoons. The children talked about how the caterpillars were getting ready to have a long sleep in their cosy chrysalises so that they were ready to be butterflies.


Over the holidays Miss Shaw and Mrs Crumpton were chosen to look after the cocoons transferring them from their small home into a bigger home ready for them to hatch into beautiful butterflies. When Mrs Crumpton came back to school she came with five delicately painted lady butterflies but Miss Shaw only came back with two. The children waited patiently for the other butterflies to hatch out and were very lucky as they actually saw this happen. The children watched the butterfly slowly come out of its tiny chrysalis fluttering its wings to dry them off. It really was an amazing thing to see!


Eventually it was time to realise the butterflies into their natural habitat. The children thought it would be a good idea to do this in forest school as there are lots of bushes, trees and plants for them to land on. It took a long time for the butterflies to fly off into the sky and they kept coming back and landing on the children. We think that the butterflies really enjoyed being in the Reception class and we know that the children definitely enjoyed having the butterflies!


After releasing the butterflies into their new homes the children created their own story maps to tell the story of what happened.  


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