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On Wednesday; 21st May, class 6NR had a slavery experience morning. It was the most exciting day ever!!! Here is what happened…


At the start of the day, Miss. Ralph was filling up BIG buckets with cold water to soak us with for the experience. To not make the parents suspicious or worried about what she was doing, she said to the parents/carers that she was watering the plants. May her nose grow!!!

All of 6NR came in their old clothes as there was a chance that they would get wet and dirty. Almost all of us all came prepared; bringing a towel, clean underwear and school clothes to get changed into after, and not surprisingly, someone forgot their towel. We were split into several groups (each with six people in) and we took it in turns to go outside for our slave experience.

In the time that we spent outside, we got drenched as well as exhausted. Firstly we ran for what seemed liked miles to understand how slaves felt when they were being tortured for so many hours. Tired, dreary and worn-out, we then forced to carry a back breaking log across the playground! By that time we were so exhausted it was untrue! To make matters worse we got drenched by ice-cold water as we were getting the full treatment of was it was like for slaves.

After we got soaking wet, we were told to do press-ups, sit-ups and star jumps. The effort!

After we had finished being a slave, we had to get changed and it was so hard because we were so wet. Overall, it was a great experience and ALL of us would love to do it all over again!

Following on from this grueling experience the children then wrote their own poems to share their experiences.  A small sample have been added below.

Look down

Look down, look down,

Living the forgotten life,

Sore throat, rope burn, scars,

Whipping, beating, all of the agony,

We’re standing in our grave drowning at the scene,

Skin ripped, swollen feet,

Red eyes, open,



Sticks and stones may break my bones,

But they will never break us,


Look down, look down

Jealous, strong, obedient,

Hand cuffs, ankle chains,

Ice face, sore eyes, spluttering spit,

Crying inside, strong outside,

The sea drowning our hope,

Slapping us in our rashed faces,

We’re playing tug of war with a monster



Look down, look down,

We’re on our last nerve,

Born in the past,

Dying too fast,

We’re being killed by the mast,

Sea as salty as our tears,



His selfish eyes, his rotten grin,

His expensive clothes, we hope he dies,


Look down, look down,

Jesus give us hope,

Our spirits floated across the sea,

Our exhausted souls,

Choking on the sea salt,

Numb, heavy, cold,

Scared, tortured, outraged,


Why did they choose us?


--------By: Joe R--------


Look Down

Sad, exhausted, tired.

Salt water swimming into my painful open wounds.

Every step I take, every step I make, he’s watching me.

Pulling the burning rope while the waves; as wild as a tiger, are pushing me back.

Holding on for my life.

Look down, look down we sing.


Considerable waves drowning my antagonized thoughts racing around my brain.

Pulling the rope with my inconsolable teammates.

The rope as thick as a drain pipe.

Abandoned on a torturing ship.

Look down, look down we sing.


As terrified as a mouse, being chased by a cat.

Microscopic bones almost braking every minute.

Will this ever end?

Look down, look down we sing.


The miserable, parsimonious master doesn’t care how we feel.

Doesn’t care how painful we feel all he cares about is money.

My body’s fallen asleep so I can barely even move.

Look down, look down we sing.


Finally the knives falling from the sky have stopped.

But no, my horrible master will torture me even more.

Carry the flag he moans.

Picked it up and my body, which felt better,

Started to hurt again.

I finally finished it, and could rest.

Why did I have to go through this?


-------- By Harry S --------




Look down, Look down,

Don’t look him in the eye,

Look down, look down,

We’re here until we die.

Our throats and stinging,

With all the salt in our stomachs,

It’s so unfair


I’m surrounded by thousands but still very lonely,

I feel I’m dead as my spirit swims in the sea,

The master couldn’t stop staring at my burning red eyes,

This is impossible.

Raging river came to us putting the salt in our throats,

Chocking loudly making a racket, this is tiring.

Manila rope burning me, spine cracking,

Back breaking work, I’ve got torn skin.


Born in the past, died too fast,

I have to be obedient or this will be my last,

Getting even weaker,

The ship tiptoed to us.

I’m really frustrated and furious now,

Really miserable and covered in sweat,

Gagging and coughing, I proceed.


Blisters popping up making a mess,

Bruises big and painful,

Ruby red burns,

This is really hurting.

My teeth are chattering,

I’m on the edge of hyperthermia,

Getting slapped by the sea I trudge on the sand, towards the glimmering cold steps.


I try to go around the master,

He wouldn’t let me,

I puffed and lifted the flag pole,

The sodden flag, made it heavier still.

I dropped the flag in anger,

Look down, Look down,

Don’t look him in the eye,

Look down, Look down,

We’re here until we die.

Will I ever get treated fairly?


-------- By Nathan T --------




Look down, look down, Don’t look him in the eye, look down, look down, “Freedom” is a lie.

Working is all we do here, Waves crashing on our wounded face, Salt water gagging our hoarse throats, Simultaneous heaving drowning out my ears. I’m surrounded by hundreds but still lonely, Souls are already dead,
Relentless work is breaking my heart, Torture for us but fun for them.

Look down, look down, You’re here until you die, Look down, look down, Why am I working, why?

Manilla-rope tearing at wounds,
A game of tug-of-war between us, 
And the vessel of our nightmares, 
Clinging to the rope for dear life.
Cries of anguish fill the salty air,
Billowing waves slap faces,
Trying not to let him break me.

Look down, look down,
What have I done wrong,
Look down, look down,
Our life story, a song!

Saline drowning my thoughts,
As dark as a nightmare, he watches,
The beady eyes scrutinizing our solemn faces,
Breath taking, freezing water tries to engulf me,
The Masters beady eyes boaring into my soul,
Blisters popping, cuts and gaping wounds too,
All help the torturous manual labour!

Look down, look down,
You’re standing on your grave,
Look down, look down,
The Masters think they’re brave!

The snapped mast creaking, liable to fall,
Waves swallowing my soul,
Our cheeks burning with salt,
Ship loads of salt crashing on our heads,
The wind whipping my achy skin,
Like an ocean falling on your head,
When will the agony end.

Look down, look down,
A house made up of chain,
Look down, look down,
You can’t escape the pain.

Famished and parched all of us,
Our cramped cell called a “home,”
Brittle bones and broken muscles,
Cling clothes itch crazily.
Dear Lord, help us survive,
Cornmeal bread is the limit,
Would you like to live in pain?
Only our singing keeps us on the job.

Look down, look down,
Everything is wrong,
Look down, look down,
A life sentence too long!

-------- By Peter H --------


Look Down

Strips of sweat trickling down my parched body,

My hands gripping firmly onto the heavy manila,

Secluded from the rest of the world,

Our innocent souls drifting away every step we take.

We’re standing on our grave,

We were born to die,

Boat loads of salt water hitting my face,

It’s crushing my vast dreams.


Open wounds covering my bony body,

Jesus please help us, save us from this wreck,

My famished insides can’t cope any longer,

Waves roaring like an irate tiger,

His eyes wide curiously peering down at our innocent souls,

Waiting for a sign of movement because of desperation,

Every step I take, every move I make, he will be watching me,

Simultaneous cries of anguish echoing through the air.


Once a slave, always a slave,

There’s no possible way of escaping,

Your life is here and so is your grave,

My body’s dissolving and my heart is broken,

The giant metal chains clenching tightly to my skinny, achy ankles,

Back breaking pain running through my body,

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, the walls are closing in on me,

Its crushing my heart, the bitter cold is racing through my feet, hyperthermia is

Closing in on me.

The water is flooding my wrecked shoes, splashing between my blue toes,

Teeth chattering, body shivering.


My unloved heart is racing due to the exhausting work.

He’s recklessly giving out whippings to the weak,

Simultaneous chants roaring through the dock,

Please Lord Help us, don’t put us through more pain.

We’ve served our time, don’t put us through it again.

My pride has left me, I am weak heartened,

Blisters and scars coating my body,

Get me out of this MESS!!


My mind is full of dreams,

This wretched place is holding them in,

My jealousy of my master is over ruling me,

It’s like I’m about to explode!!

Why can’t I be let out?

What have I done to them?

My anger is rapidly growing

And it’s hard to keep it in!


-------- James O --------









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