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On Friday we went on a ‘Listening Walk’ all around the playground, the field and forest school area. When we were in forest school we could not believe our eyes… we found two dinosaur eggs.

One of them was big and one of them was small so we thought that they could be a t-rex and a pterodactyl. Miss Wastall and Mrs Adams carefully carried them in their coats to keep them warm until we got back in school where we were given a letter from the Mommy dinosaur asking us to look after the eggs while she was working at the Natural History Museum.


We worked as a team to make a nest for the eggs to keep them warm and make sure they were safe. We used sticks, leaves, grass, hay and straw because they were soft and made a really good bed.  We were feeling scared and worried in case the dinosaurs hatched because we didn’t know if they were going to be friendly dinosaurs.


Before we went home on Friday we invited our parents and grandads into school to see our baby eggs. Over the weekend we were thinking about the dinosaurs, we wondered if they might have hatched while we were not at school.


When we walked into school on Monday morning our classroom was a complete mess! There were dinosaur footprints all over the carpet, the chairs were upside down, the zone board was on the floor and the dinosaur nest was tipped over. When we looked really closely we could see that the eggs had cracked open, there was slime coming out of the eggs and the dinosaurs were under the table.


We could see the dinosaurs looked different; one was a t-rex and the other was a brachiosaurus. Miss Wastall went over to pick them up for everybody to see and we were very lucky because we got to hold them too so we know that they are friendly.


Now we are planning to have a party to celebrate the hatching of the eggs so we will be busy finding out what they like to eat, writing invitations and making food ready for the dino party!


Watch this space to find out more.


Written by RLS.


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