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Welcome to Year 5/6 TM 

Welcome to class 5/6TM. Our class teacher is Mrs Millhouse, supported by Teaching Assistant Mrs Rycroft.  In addition, Miss Whelan teaches us on a Tuesday afternoon.


English information

In class 5/6TM, reading is an integral part of the curriculum. The children are encouraged to read a wide range of texts and record their reading in homework diaries five times a week. It is important that diaries are signed by parents. Please make use of the Bug Club website, where children can use their log in details to access a range of e-books to further support their reading.


Maths information

The children are taught a range of maths skills in the daily maths lesson and are then encouraged to use and apply these skills across the curriculum. There will be a focus on place value, ordering and rounding numbers accompanied by lots of investigational activities to promote deeper learning. It is vital that children know their number bonds, place value and multiplication facts, as these key skills are the foundation for understanding and applying number. The children will regularly experience a maths ‘Skill Drill’ to support recall and use of key facts to improve mathematical fluency.


Learning Powers

The children will be using their Learning Powers and growing their ‘Brainforests’ to improve their thinking and learning skills. They have been finding out about ‘Learning Power Zones’ and Growth Mind Set to develop their understanding of their own strengths and skills as learners. The key word to Growth Mind set thinking is ‘yet.’ For example, “I may not understand this yet, but with effort and perseverance, I will improve my skills.” The children will also learn about the importance of making mistakes as a positive way to improve. Remember, “Mistakes- Mean I Start to Acquire Knowledge, Experience and Skills.“


Topic Information

You will find links to the topic web for each term in 'The Curriculum' subsection in 'About Us'. The topic web will allow you to see what your child is covering across the curriculum during this academic year.


P.E and Games.

Please make sure that everyone has their correct P.E. and Games kit in school every day. It is very helpful if all kit and uniform is clearly labelled with the child’s name. No jewellery may be worn for physical activities and any long hair must be tied back. If it is not possible to remove ear studs, tape must be provided to place over the studs.


Homework information

Homework will be issued on a Monday and will need to returned the following Monday. The homework will consist of spellings, reading, English and Maths. There will also be topic based homework at regular intervals.



Unlocking learning at home

These are useful websites that could be used at home.         - a useful site covering English, Maths and Science skills. - children have been given their own log in details for this site. - website covering maths games and activities.  – website with a range of interesting science experiments that can be done at home. - useful, child friendly site showing tips about staying safe online. - useful website for lots of different maths games to play.